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New pictures of recently completed custom work

Mariner's Compass 2' x 3' Floorcloths 4' x 5' Floorcloths 32" x 52" Floorcloths Placemats & Table Runners

Placemats & Table Runners

Placemats and Table Runners are NOT hemmed, in order to lie flat on your table.

Table Runners are approximately 12" x 36"

Placemats are approximately 17 1/4" x 13 1/2"


Rufus Porter Placemats

A     B

C     D


Joseph Lynde House, Melrose, MA

  Moses Eaton Wall Stencil  
  Moses Eaton Thistle

  Rooster (black border)


  Shaker Tree

  Moses Eaton Basket  
  Mariners Compass  
  Bump Tavern

 Cooperstown NY

  Rooster (with checkerboard)  
  Pineapple (two)  
  Pineapple (three)  
  Willow with Bird  
  Shelburne Museum  
  Garrison House

 Exeter NH

  Willow Tree  
  Wayside Inn  
  Medfield Mass