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Floorcloths are very durable and meant to be walked on.  Floorcloths are an American tradition, dating back to the time of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who both had them while president.  The patterns and designs that we use are all authentic floor stencils from the 1700s, found in affluent homes throughout New England.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: To care for your floorcloth, simply mop it as you would mop your floor, using any gentle cleaning product that you dilute with water, such as Top-Job, 409, Murphy's Oil Soap or Lysol. We have not tested all cleaning products, so use them at your own risk. (HINT: try blot-test on reverse glued edge.) DO NOT use any product with alcohol or ammonia (like Windex or multi-purpose cleaners)!!

For uneven floors, i.e. slate, brick, etc. place newspaper under your floorcloth to prevent uneven wear patterns. If your floorcloth slips (try it for several days with nothing under it first), use double stick tape (carpet tape, at your own risk), or poster putty. We find that you usually need nothing under it!

In the future, your floorcloth will need to be refinished!! All types of flooring eventually wear. We clean our floorcloth very well, and then apply a water-based varnish with a 4 foam brush. Water-based varnishes are available at quality craft stores. You may also use Earth Safe Finishes Marine Grade Varnish (available on or call us and we will ship you some to you.

Regularly turning the direction of your floorcloth will extend its life.