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New pictures of recently completed custom work

Mariner's Compass 2' x 3' Floorcloths 4' x 5' Floorcloths 32" x 52" Floorcloths Placemats & Table Runners

In a home in Pennsylvania.

In a home in New Hampshire.
Grandaughter stenciled the Paw Prints.

In a home in Pennsylvania.

In a home in Nantucket.

In a home in Houston, TX.
In a Home School Classroom.

In a home in Connecticut.

Every year at the Waterford Virginia show local students stencil a bookmark. Here is what two young sisters have done over the last few years.

This floorcloth is now living in Winchester, NH.

This floorcloth is on the floor in Ohio.

In a home in New Hampshire.

1,588 Chester County Day tourists have seen this Tumbling Block floorcloth.
Chester County Day is the oldest house and garden tour in the nation, begun in 1936, and features historic houses and gardens throughout the county.

In a home in Massachusetts.

In a home in Pennsylvania.