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Michele Hollick,

Stenciled Floorcloths by Michele


Michele Hollick has been stenciling for more than 30 years.  What started as a simple "kitchen table" hobby, blossomed into a full time business for her.


Flat surfaces were not safe when Michele was nearby with a stencil brush.  She got her start working on such surfaces as walls, quilts, and wood furniture.  She started making floorcloths when she became interested in Colonial-era furnishings and accessories.


Michele has the distinction of being a Certified Stenciler through the International Group Stencil Artisans League, Inc.  Less than 100 people world-wide have passes this difficult test.  Additionally, her work was so well received, she was asked to serve as chair-person for the certification process, and did so for the next four years.


Teaching her crafts is something Michele truly enjoys doing.  Some of her best classes have been at Sturbridge Village, the annual Stencil Artisans League Convention, the Stencil Decorative Artists Guild Convention, as well as various shops throughout the Northeast.


Colonial Home and Early American Life magazines have both featured several of Michele's best works.  Early American Life Magazine has also recognized Michele two times in their prestigious list of Top 200 American Craftsmen.


Michele lives in Southern New Hampshire. She has two grown children that also help in the buisness.